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The Who – Rock On!

Me, Denis, and about 20,000 other people were at the Staples Center last night for The Who concert. I’ve never been to a concert like this before (does Donnie & Marie count?) and it was LOUD! How do I describe the level of loudness? I could physically feel the thumping of the bass in my chest like it was pounding against my heart. If someone you know goes into cardiac arrest, get them to a rock concert! It’ll snap that puppy right back to life! Once I got my earplugs in, I really enjoyed the music by the two remaining members of The Who, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend. They played their entire rock opera, “Quadrophenia” followed by some of their big hits. The drummer, Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr’s son), was incredible and there were six video screens with fantastic graphics. They also used the screens to play nice tributes to Keith Moon and John Entwistle with their solos integrated into the live music so well it was hard to tell them apart.

We had center floor seats in the 12th row but we didn’t use the seats. Everybody stood for the entire two hours so if you didn’t stand, you could only see the screens. They rocked. Roger was bare chested, swinging the microphone. Pete was doing windmills on the guitar. They’ve still got it! They’re pushing seventy and performed for over two hours. And I was whining about having to stand up. I have a new perspective.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    It’s seems like you had a great time Jenny. Glad you were able to get good seats and enjoy things. I know very little about the Who, but I do like their music. I think they are a 70’s group, so as a kid in the car we heard 60’s and 70’s music growing up quite often. My mom and dad listen to the Who and my mom might even have some records I pulled out as a kid and played on the record player. Oh and Jenny I like Donnie and Marie too…lol…yes you guessed it records of course…lol… 😆

    My parents are young at heart and pretty hip parents when I was growing up. I wanted to tell you that you and my parents are close in age. My Mom will be 65 years old in August and my Dad would’ve been 70 years old in August. I think it’s kinda cool you are in between their ages 😉 😀

    I do love bands like the Who. On my way home tonight I heard a song from Whitesnake and I love it. I watched the video and they kinda look like a more updated version of the Who…lol…
    I loved hard and soft rock growing up but none of that head banging stuff was on my list of favorites. I love this video had to share it…
    Whitesnake – Here I Go Again

  2. sue says:

    Great photo JJ! That’s awesome! My favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, Bad Company, Heart, Pat Benatar and of course Miss Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders. Last night we saw the Little River Band with my bf Gina, her boyfriend and another friend. I was shocked to be going to this concert, tickets were free, Gina won them. Not bad, but nothing I would have paid for. I don’t know what Marty is talking about with Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is the only guitar player they have ever had and when John Bonham died September 25, 1980, they never got back together. Led Zeppelin has always been original members. I have everything Zep has ever released including Robert Plant solo cd’s, The Firm, Coverdale and Page…I have live DVD’s of Zeppelin and they are awesome! including “The Song Remains The Same” . To each is own. Glad you had a great time my sista!!!


    • MARTY says:

      What I am saying is in the studio he can play a song with say three different guitar parts but on stage he can’t all by himself even though he tries.

      • sue says:

        I understand your point Marty. “Most” bands enhance their studio albums, but if you think about it, that’s what you hear on the radio and in your vehicles and home on the cd’s, mp3… alot of people never even get to see their favorite bands live. Your comment threw me off because you said “the other guitar player.” I agree with you though. To me, “Alot” of bands sound better in the studio.

        Take care! Hope you are enjoying that new car, my friend at work loves his! 🙂


  3. MARTY says:

    Great picture Jenny. Didn’t you see them on the 12-12-12 concert? I was never a big fan of the Who to me in the old days they didn’t even make it to Ed Sullivan.They only made it to the Smother Brothers show. Like Led Zeppelin a good studio band but live in concert without that other guitar player to me it just doesn’t cut it.

  4. Kathy says:

    I think it is funny that the bands from our era still rock it like they always did….Gotta love that kinda music. I somehow don’t see rappers still drawing crowds 40 yrs from now.
    Glad you had fun….I don’t ever want to sit on the floor because everyone stands!!


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