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The Worst Place To Find a Spider

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Here are my Ten Worst Places to Find a Spider. Did I miss any?

  1. On a doorknob
  2. On the toilet seat
  3. In your underwear drawer
  4. In your salad
  5. Floating in the bottom of your cereal bowl
  6. On the ceiling over your bed
  7. In your hair
  8. Under your pillow
  9. On your face when you wake up
  10. Finding half a spider in the rest of your sandwich

5 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Of course I don’t expect you would think of this one as one of the worst places to find a spider, certainly I didn’t until I saw one through my plastic bag of cotton balls. It froze (as they do) and then disappeared into the white fluff.

  2. Rose W says:

    In your slipper is the absolute worst!

  3. Catmom says:

    Finding a spider in the bed is not fun.

  4. Candy Barkley says:


  5. Niks says:

    In your ear! I promise, it was the WORST place to find a spider 🙂

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