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They Like Me in Tanzania


When I started posting my cooking videos on youtube, I had no idea how popular they’d become. I did it just for fun because I love to cook and people always asked for my recipes. I’ve made almost a hundred videos now and they want more! I’ve had over ten million views so far (10,249,165 views as of today) with around 25,000 people a day tuning in. Who knew?

And it’s international. People all over the world are making my recipes… from 197 countries! From Iceland to Brunei to Tanzania, they like my cooking. They write to me in broken English and sometimes in Spanish or Polish or Greek. I love it! And here’s the best part: Some people are using my recipes to earn money to help support their families.

~ Maria in Mexico sells my granola in little bags to earn money.

~ Chin Chin in Thailand sells my whole wheat bread to help support her family.

~ Marcio in Brazil sells my pan pizza and hash browns in his pub.

~ Carmen in Ecuador sells my cinnamon rolls to help provide for her children.

It sure feels good to know my recipes are helping people, not to mention that hundreds of thousands of people have made and enjoyed my recipes at home, wherever they are. What are the most watched videos? My fall-off-the-bone ribs; then pan pizza; followed by my hash browns. Yes…. hash browns. I never saw that coming!

I’d like to thank whoever invented the internet for allowing me to share my love of cooking with the world. Who was that? Was it really Al Gore?

If you’re curious about my youtube videos, click here:

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  1. Dawn says:

    Delightful videos and recipes! Why did you stop?

  2. DEAN JORDAN says:

    Where can I buy your Cook Book ??? I enjoy watching you fix so many different things…. Thank You, for a reply in advance…

  3. Cynthia says:

    Hi Jenny! I just discovered your YouTube videos 3 days ago while searching for tortilla recipes. I love your videos! You are a delight to watch and you make it look so easy! Some are so easy it’s downright dangerous! I’m afraid to show my children how to make the easy lemon brownies! Lol!
    I’m 1/4 Polish and can’t wait to try eating from my heritage. I kept thinking that you looked so familiar but I couldn’t remember why. Turns out I used to watch your talk show back in the day. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for helping me expand my baking and cooking skills, my family will really appreciate the change of more variety I’m sure.

  4. Chen says:

    Ms. Jones, you are amazing! Your YouTube videos brought me here. Not only that I love the food you make, also I begin to admire your character and outlook in life. Plus your smiles on your videos are contagious!??❤️?

  5. sue says:

    Merry Christmas Jenny and Denis!

  6. Rhonda says:

    Congrats to you. Who wouldn’t love your recipes once they make the first one. Most of your recipes are easy, quick and all are healthier and delicious. I know I’ve been making your polish cabbage rolls and meat loaf since finding them both on your website when you were still hosting your show. Those are probably my favorite to do but I love them all. I’m glad you are doing what you are after retiring from your show. You’ve alway been a busy person by what I read in your bio. I’m just glad it’s working for you ?
    Merry Christmas to you and Denis, Jenny…

  7. Janey says:

    Jenny, our family just love your homemade cinnamon rolls recipe. Gone within a couple of hours and I generally make two batches at a time.

    I particular fancy the low-fat part.

    Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  8. sue says:

    That is so awesome! !! And yes I believe it was Al Gore 🙂 I make your recipes all the time and when friends come over they just automatically say JENNY JONES? And I answer yes! Ofcourse! So happy for you and thanks for sharing all of them with all of us.

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