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Tom writes…

Tom writes…
Dear Jenny,
I am a graduate student who is studying to be a spec ed teacher and have come back home to take care of my mother and father. They are in their 80’s, and getting frail, but are mentally sharp and active. My question is this: would it matter to you if you were dating a guy who lives with and is taking care of his parents? I am the major caregiver as my sister and brother live in different states. Jenny, anyway thanks for listening. Thanks,


My Response…
Dear Tom,
I’ve always looked at how a guy treats his mother because if he treats her with respect, that’s the way he will treat other women. You are one of the good guys. You are what real women are looking for: a guy with character and loyalty who’s willing to make sacrifices for those he loves. Your parents are lucky to have you, but then they raised you this way. Not only is your living with your parents and taking care of them not a problem, it’s something to be admired. Any woman who feels otherwise doesn’t deserve you.

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