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We got sandbags yesterday…

We got sandbags yesterday and placed them across the back patio in anticipation of the deluge of rain that’s coming. The fire stations are providing the bags and the sand for whoever needs it and since our backyard slopes toward the house, it seemed like the smart thing to do. We’ve never lived in this house during torrential rains but if we do get the 20 inches of rain predicted, who knows what could happen. I went grocery shopping and bought enough food for a week in case the roads aren’t passable. The last time it rained like this about 10 years ago, part of Mulholland Drive collapsed and went down the hill so the road was closed. We live in the hills so with the extra food & water, we are covered if we can’t get down the hill. It started raining at 1 p.m. this afternoon and it’s still raining now (11 p.m.). There will likely be mud slides where the recent fires were. Everyone is anxious and hoping for the best.

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