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Where is the body?

Oh deer.

Something bad happened in my back yard last night.

I’ve come across a lot of things out there, but this is a first. And a sad one, too, but this is nature after all. We found a deer’s leg bone – picked clean. I wonder what happened to it…

Coyotes? Bobcats? Mountain lions? I only have two questions:

1) Where is the body?

2) Why not the squirrel??

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  1. marty says:

    I didn’t see the posting with your cat Gypsy.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Maybe the deer was poached and just the carcass was dumped close to your land. If that’s the case any one of the animals you mention could have carried it to your yard.That’s the way poachers do here in the mid west kill ,skin and dump the hide in a different location.They think the conservation officers can’t track them this way.
    I hope if you have dogs or cats you keep a eye on them because the coyotes, bobcats and mountains lions will surely try to kill them .

  3. Tiffie says:

    Maybe, it was…the squirrels? Maybe, it was their way of sending “a message”, like a mob family-type of squirrels! Just pay them off, Jenny! Just give them what they want! Don’t go to “the Feds”, or we may never hear from you, again! You don’t want to “swim with the fish”! We don’t want you to “swim with the fish”!


    Out of all seriousness; that is one sick picture. Not “sick” in a good way, “sick” as in SICK!


  4. MrsNews says:

    Oh DEER!!!


  5. Rhonda says:

    That’s so sad, but you’re right it’s nature. Seeing this picture reminds me of National Geographic which I can’t watch. I get upset watching it. I’m an animal lover but things happen and nature is one that can’t be stopped. I didn’t like the fact my cats were that same way but it’s their nature to hunt and catch and bring back. I use to get all upset when they brought back their catch but they must know I don’t like that behavior because they haven’t done that in a while…
    I bet it was a bit freakish finding that, but there is no telling what’s in your back yard and on the hills that you have maybe overlooked. You do live where there is lots of wild life around. I guess it has it’s pros and then again, by the looks of that picture, it has it cons…
    Take care and stay safe, Jenny 🙂

  6. Heather says:

    WOW…..with all the wildlife you have it is a good question who did it. And… didn’t hear anything last night??

  7. Roll Dog says:

    That is terrible. I do not know.

    I would just pray and give it to God if I was you.

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