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Year in Review

There was a lot of busting in 2011. Here are some to remember:


Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher – How NOT surprised were we that this union didn’t last? Let’s make a rule that you can’t have sex with anyone the same age as your kids.

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries – ‘Til death do us part… or until after the wedding special airs. Divorced after 72 days? I’ve had Mexican food that lasted longer.

Sinead O’Connor – Her marriage to a drug counselor ended after 16 days. Apparently, needing to get high on her wedding night didn’t sit well with the groom. Sinead’s a stoner? Maybe she just got married for the cake.


Nancy (nip-slip) Grace on Dancing With The Stars.


Arnold Schwartzenneger – How much more unforgivable can something be? And how much in denial do you have to be to not see the family resemblance? If Arnold ever films a remake of “Twins” we have the perfect co-star!

Jerry Sandusky – The extent of the damage he has done may never be fully known but I can only hope that he serves his time in a prison where he has to shower with the other inmates.

Anthony Weiner – He seemed unable to identify his own penis and once he realized it was his, he wasn’t sure he sent the picture. Maybe it wasn’t his finger that pushed the “send” button.


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  1. Rhonda says:

    I agree with Roll Dog. The top story for me was Arnold Schwarzenegger and his cheating self. He’s in a position who should be respected but how can you have respect for someone who does wrong?…Ashton & Demi, I knew that wouldn’t last. I think Demi is too mature for someone like Ashton and Anthony Weiner is a fruit cake. He’s blind as a bat with a slight case of memory loss…lol…and Jenny maybe it wasn’t his finger that push the “send” button. Who know with this guy…

  2. Liz says:

    Ashton & Demi? Am I the only one who read years ago that they were married in the church of Kabbalah, or Scientology or something as equally non-legal?
    And poor Nancy Grace. People have to stop picking on her!
    And Sandra Bullock emerged from that fiasco with grace. But how could she not have known, given his background. I hope she isn’t one of the women who thinks they can change the bad boy.

    2012? What will it hold? I know one thing. It’ll hold more fun times on this web site, what with the squirrels, tarantulas, wild animals, snakes, lizards, deer, more squirrels and jokes galore, oh and recipes.
    Happy New Year to everyone..

    • Rhonda says:

      Liz, I think Jenny will keep us entertained for 2012 and if you are the Liz that’s shared such funny jokes thanks for sharing. I find those hilarious. I’ve tried to find some jokes just as funny, but there’s none out there I’ve come across yet. I’ll keep looking and you keep sharing yours 🙂
      Oh and as for Nancy Grace, if she can dish it out, she should be able to take it. She is the rudest person I’ve seen on tv other than, of course, Rosie O’donnell…

  3. Stephanie says:

    LOL!! You forgot to mention my favorite — JLo and Mark Anthony splitting up and she immediately hooks up with a boytoy! She and Demi Moore should get together and start the C.C.C. (celebrity cougar club)… haha

  4. Roll Dog says:

    A lot has happened this year. But, my favorite moment I would say was the revelation of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child. His son with the maid was born the same year with his other son with Marie Shriver.

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