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  1. Carol matney says:

    Love your recipes. Can I include them in my published cookbook with you as an author?

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you for asking but no, I do not grant permission for any of my recipes to be published in any format by another party. (Please acknowledge that you received my response. Thank you.)

  2. Colin says:

    Jenny..l stumbled across your youtube cooking videos..l LOVE them! !!
    I find them easy to follow and your presenting style is just wonderful !
    Kind regards Colin (from England )

  3. Jenny Fan says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I was browsing for Hallmark Christmas movies on you tube and came across easiest fastest bread video and tapped.. Jenny Can Cook popped up.. I said.. humm I know this person. . I know that voice..and who was it? Jenny Jones!!! OmG haven’t seen her in ages.. there she is making bread fun.. as delightful as ever!!! 70.. must be kidding, youngest 70 ever. GREAT TO SEE YOU JENNY JONES. I’m a big fan of The terrific Jenny Jones show. Your info says.. Palestinian.. I thought we were both POLISH!! Nostrovia. . God Bless. The heck w no carb I’m making that amazing bread girl. xo

  4. Teresa Ortiz says:

    I discovered your cooking videos this year. My pecan ball dough is in the fridge
    Merry Christmas!

    • Mike says:

      I made a double batch yesterday using her video on Pecan balls. I hadn’t seen these in 20 years after my aunt who made them every year passed away. This was my first time and for the most part they came out pretty good. Thanks Jenny.

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