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Josh’s Mexican folk art

Josh writes, “Here is a photo of the sugar skulls that I made for a speech that I did on ‘Mexican folk art.’ They are made from sugar, water and meringue powder. You put the mixture into a mold and allow it to dry for 6 hours. Then you hollow it out a bit so the finished skull isn’t too heavy. After allowing it to dry further, you glue the front and back together with royal icing, and decorate them with royal icing.”

(from Jenny) Josh, right after you sent your picture, I was at a street fair here in L.A. and saw these pillows, etc. for sale. What are the odds of seeing similar folk art on the same day! I thought you would enjoy these…

Linda’s Back Yard Hawk

August 25, 2011

My “pet” red tailed hawk…in my backyard. Parents and 2babies. They love teasing my chihuahuas…actually dive bombing…maybe trying to feed their babies! Every morning….the hawk spends 2 hours keeping me company while I have coffee and read the paper.