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June, 2010

New video

Website News: There’s a new video in the Skincare section! I get asked about my skincare routine all the time so Damon (the best assistant on the planet – no, in the universe!) used his creative skills and put together a great video so anyone can do a facial at home. All I did was take the photos and then keep saying, “Is it ready yet?” ¬†Well, it’s ready and available to view. You’ll see that great skin is about more than using the right products. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†“Junk food has to go……. if you want your skin to glow.”

I was so moved…

I’ve been taking my stepmom to the VA Hospital every day to visit her husband, who’s doing extremely well, by the way. ¬†I enjoy going there just to be around so many veterans, knowing how much they have given to all of us. ¬†As I was driving away, I looked up and saw one of the many American flags that fly there, as it proudly waved, almost as if it knew that this was a very special place. ¬† I was so moved at the sight, I pulled over to take this photo. ¬†I just wanted to share that moment… and this beautiful picture.

No-Squirrel Zone

My back yard is now a No-Squirrel Zone. I finally took off the netting I had wrapped around my apple tree, the plastic hawk is gone, and my lovely Anna apples are getting a pink blush with no poke holes or bite marks. ¬†I still saw two squirrels up in a pine tree making a lot of racket. ¬†They were either fighting or having sex… maybe both, I couldn’t tell. ¬†I’m making salmon patties and roasted potatoes for supper.

Rear-ended on my birthday

It looks like my birthday present for myself will be a new bumper. ¬†I spent the day at the VA Hospital, waiting through a 6-hour surgery (successful result!) and my stepmom and I went home for lunch. ¬†I decided to take the Freeway back and once I exited the 405 at Wilshire Blvd., I started turning right onto Wilshire but I stopped when I saw traffic. ¬†A second later, “Bam!” ¬†We both pulled over and the guy who hit me was so upset and apologetic – I really felt badly for him – but I can fix my bumper without involving him… no problem. ¬†It was partly my fault for starting and ¬†stopping. The good news was that my stepmom’s husband’s surgery is over, he’s in recovery, and there will be no more eleven-hour days at the hospital. ¬†Good, because I need the time to chase squirrels.

Human-1, Squirrel-0

I reclaimed my apple tree! ¬†It looks like my squirrel (I’m calling him Gary) doesn’t like spicy food. ¬†So my spray concoction worked although I haven’t eaten one of the apples yet. ¬†I may have to sandblast it before serving. Now I like squirrels again. ¬†My stepmom is back in town with her husband and he is having surgery tomorrow at the VA Hospital. ¬†I’ll be spending most of the day there. ¬†I don’t mind that except we have to be there at 6 am! ¬†I remember a time when I used to get home at 6 am. ¬†Gotta go sleep.

I hate squirrels

I said, “Bring it,” and he brought it, and some of his friends, apparently. ¬†This morning there were four apples on the ground, mostly eaten. ¬†I put away my plastic hawk last night because it scared away all our beautiful birds and I wrapped the apple tree with netting. ¬†They ate the apples right through the netting. Last year they ate my plums. So I found a special formula to spray on the apples that includes vinegar, canola oil, soap, tabasco, and mustard. Let’s see how my thieving little rodents like them apples!

I didn’t want to believe it

I’m getting hit from all sides! First the deer (but she’s so cute..) eats everything on my hill, and today my jaw dropped when I saw a squirrel sneaking across the back yard with one of my apples in his mouth! I didn’t want to believe it. ¬†That’s MY apple tree! I planted it! How many has he taken so far? ¬†An apple a day? I grabbed my camera but the stealth rodent disappeared. ¬†They are rodents aren’t they? Sure, they’re cute with their fuzzy little tails but I was so mad I would have bought a squirrel coat today just to get even. ¬†But instead, I bought a plastic hawk and put it in the tree. “Bring it,” squirrel.

This is not a buffet!

I just planted some flowers on the hill behind my house and today I looked out and this deer is stuffing her fat face with everything she can find. ¬†I kept yelling, “Go away! This is not a buffet!” She didn’t even look up. So I barked, trying to sound like a coyote and not a chihuahua, and she finally looked up, still chewing, as if to say, “What’s all the racket? Can you hold it down, ¬†I’m trying to have lunch here.”